Behavioral Fitness Services

Behavioral Fitness Services (BFIT) provides comprehensive, professional behavior services in Southwest Missouri to support children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities in their home and community.

Our objective is to maximize any individual's potential and provide balance in the home for families through skillful and compassionate intervention services.

BFIT provides consultative and intensive intervention services. Our board-certified Behavior Analysts and professional trained Behavior Technicians strive to provide a link between the home, school, work, day programs and any other services.

Full Behavioral Services for Individuals and Families

We offer a full range of behavioral assessment, planning and training for individuals and their families/caregivers. Our program is designed for all ages, whether for children at home or adults supported by community residential providers. We partner with many service and support providers and provide techniques that can be used in structured environments as well as in everyday situations like family dinner time.

ABA Services - Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to make meaningful changes we focus on increasing functional skills as well as decreasing severe problem behavior. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with Registered Behavior Technicians to develop and implement plans and train families and caregivers to mastery.

Training and Support - A prerequisite for families/caregivers receiving crisis intervention services is a commitment to training and data collection. ABA professionals make decisions based on data. Families and caregivers are the expert on the individual. Emphasis is placed generalization and training.

Crisis Intervention (24/7) - Our first-response team is available 24/7 to diffuse crisis behaviors, increase adaptive skills and reduce stress on the family.

Stabilization Unit - As a last resort, we can provide crisis services in a safe location outside the home. Trained staff works to ensure quick stabilization and re-integration into the natural environment while preventing future crisis behaviors.

Transitional and Behavioral ISLs - Designed to support individuals who are underserved because of their behavioral history. Individuals progress from transitional to long term community living.